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Bubble Tea Kit (Bundle Box)

Classic & Taro Bubble Tea Kit with Instant Tapioca Pearls (30+ drinks)

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We have combined your favourite bubble tea flavours into Bundle Boxes so you can now enjoy more boba for less! Perfect for bubble tea lovers or as gifts for friends and family.

bubble tea kit includes 2x 500g milk tea powders and 12 tapioca pearls         bubble tea is of authentic Taiwan recipe

bubble tea instruction steps for making it under one minute            bubble tea product perfect for making drinks bakery and desserts

Net Weight:
1.9kg (4.19lb)

Size: 27 x 20 x 10cm

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once opened, consume immediately.
Milk Tea Powder: Once opened, keep in an airtight container. Instant Tapioca Pearls: Once opened,
consume immediately.

Country of Origin: Taiwan

This product is manufactured in HACCP and ISO 22000 certified facility.

Classic Milk Tea Ingredients: Non-dairy Creamer*, Sugar, Black Tea Powder, Maltodextrin,
Silicon Dioxide (E551), Salt

Taro Milk Tea Ingredients: Non-dairy Creamer*, Glucose, Taro Powder, Silicon Dioxide (E551),
Taro Flavour, Black Tea Powder, Colouring (E163), (E129), (E133)

Instant Tapioca Pearls Ingredients: Tapioca Pearls [Tapioca Starch, Water, Hydroxypropyl
Distarch Phosphate (E1442), Acetylated Distarch Phosphate (E1414), Caramel Colour (E150c),
Sodium Alginate (E401), Brown Sugar Flavour], Water, Fructose Syrup, Brown Sugar [Demerara
Sugar, Molasses], Xanthan Gum (E415), Citrus Pectin (E440), Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose
(E466), Malic Acid (E296), Monopotassium Phosphate (E340i)

Non-dairy Creamer Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Whey Powder,
Sodium Caseinate, Tripotassium Phosphate (E340iii), Dipotassium Phosphate (E340ii), Sodium
Triphosphate (E451i), Distilled Monoglyceride (E471), Sodium Stearoyl Lactate (E481), Silicon
Dioxide (E551), Beta-carotene.

No added preservatives, Zero trans fat
Suitable for Vegetarian, Gluten free

classic and taro bubble tea kit nutritional info table

Allergy advice: This product contains milk derivatives including sodium caseinate and whey.
This product is manufactured in a facility that processes other products which may contain
wheat, almonds, mustard and sesame hence may contain traces of all of the above.

1. Please take caution when consuming the tapioca pearl to avoid choking. Please chew it and
do not swallow a whole bite of tapioca pearl.
2. Children and elderly should consume under adult supervision.

For an Iced Beverage:

suggested use iced beverage icon

1. Microwave the tapioca pearls or place the sachet in boiling water
2. Mix the milk tea powder with some hot water
3. Top up with cold water / ice and add the tapioca pearls. Stir and enjoy!

For a Hot Beverage:

suggested use hot beverage icon

1. Microwave the tapioca pearls or place the sachet in boiling water
2. Mix the milk tea powder with hot water
3. Add tapioca pearls. Stir and enjoy!

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